AGM 2021

Due to the continuing Covid-19 restrictions we have taken the decision to hold our 2021 AGM "virtually" again.
This will be emailed out to all those who have supplied an email address and those that have paid the extra to have newsletters posted to them and this will happen between the 27th and 30th April 2021.

You can see the winners of the various competitions here

AGM 2020


Unfortunately due to Covid-19 we were unable to hold our AGM in the usual way but instead held a virtual one.

We hope to resume our normal format in 2021.


AGM Report 2019


On Tuesday 23rd April we held our 71st AGM & prize giving evening at the Social Club in Crowborough. Once again this was a popular event and we would like to thank the 40 odd members who attended and helped make the evening a success once again.

Our Guest of Honour this year was Carl Rasey who is an Environment Agency Fisheries Bailiff, he gave a very informative chat on his work and also the signs to look out for if set lines have been placed at a water you are fishing.

 He also advised on the number to call (0800 807060, it's in your club handbook) if you see something happening that you think is not right or legal and explained that you won't often get an immediate response as they don't have the manpower but that everything is logged and used to build up patterns of evidence. He fielded several questions from our members with straight and honest answers during the evening.

As usual the evening was started by Cris Millis our Chairman:

 Well once again I stand before you its not my fault that I’m here again its that the Committee they keep voting me in as Chairman ,seriously I’m pleased to do the job.

 My first act as your retiring chairman is to extend a warm welcome to you all, nice to see so many of you have made the effort to attend. A special welcome to Carl Rasey who is a Fisheries Bailiff for the Environment Agency. Carl will later be presenting the cups and trophies and give us a short talk on the activities of the agency.

 Once again as the Hon Secretary and Hon Treasure will later confirm in greater detail we are handing back to you a club in good shape with both new waters added to our portfolio and many improvements to our existing lakes. As you can imagine progress of this nature doesn’t come cheap and I take this opportunity to thank all those who negotiated agreements and attended working parties, without such dedication from these members such progress would be, to put it bluntly very very expensive and probably beyond the clubs means at present subscription levels.

 Tonight there will be a buffet served during the break and our Water Management stroke super salesman, Dave Cottington, will be coming amongst you with raffle tickets for the glittering array of prizes.

 The committee has decided to make a few changes to our constitution, many of these are merely grammatical or just tidying of wording but the main points will be read out later and you will be asked to vote on the changes.

 I would like to thank the Committee for all their hard work during the year and would make special mention of Roger Funnell and Dave Flint for their work on the new website and for running the Junior and Have a go Days, Cliff Milledge for the work on the constitution, Peter Boorman for getting  the council grant for Junior Day, Roy Williamson for his help with the cups and trophies and Peter Gotts for arranging the very successful Race Night which incidentally will be held again on 25th May, do try and come along its a great night with free buffet and a chance to go home richer than when you left home.


This was followed by Apologies for Absence and the acceptance of last year's AGM Minutes and then Hon. Secretary  John Butler's annual report:

Good evening Everyone

 I will keep this fairly short so as not to delay you getting to eat and drink any more than is necessary.

As the Chairman has just said it has been a busy and good year for CDAA and a lot of hard work has gone into making sure our Club is growing in size and stature and reputation. We are well known for our Junior Section and Match scene and have a thriving and active Ladies section.

 Membership numbers continue to be very impressive so thank you all for renewing and introducing friends.

 Last year we spoke of new waters recently acquired, namely Oast Farm between Buxted and Uckfield which offers a fantastic days fishing, and now the CDAA work parties have had their hands on it this is thriving and a joy to fish on the new swims. Don’t forget the farm has a great shop and café with deals on coffee and sandwich for CDAA members fishing there.

 This year we secured rights to fish at Claygate Lakes in Marden a very popular match and day ticket venue and having now fished it a few times I am very happy this has been added to our portfolio.

 Going forward we will all as a committee continue to work to make the club as successful and popular as we can and we are always open to new ideas and therefore if you think you have anything to offer whether it be an idea you want to put forward, help at working parties or attend meetings and maybe join us on the committee, then your ideas are always valued and welcome.

 Please have a great evening and well done to everyone involved in running the club and who participate in the club and a special mention to all those about to get up and collect your trophies for your efforts in the last season.



Next up was Cliff Milledge our Hon. Treasurer with his report:

Welcome everyone, and thanks for taking the time to attend tonight.

 It has been another successful season for us financially.

We made a surplus of £597.44, our lowest in 5 years, but still a surplus.

 There are a number of reasons for this drop :

  1. Membership numbers have dropped slightly over the previous seasons, but at 307 this is still the second highest figure in the last 7 years.

  2. Our membership profile is changing.

In the 2015/16 season we had 57.19% adult members, last season this was down to 47.88%.

In the same period Senior memberships rose from 22.1% to 27.04%, and Juniors rose from 11.23% to 20.19%.

So less income from the same number of members.

  1. Last season we received 3, one off donations totaling £476.

 On the cost side:

  1. We have taken on a new water, as a result of that and a cost renegotiation on another water, Water Rent has increased by £400.

  2. We have spent over £2000 this year on water maintenance.

Including projects at Oast Farm, Wirgol, Underhill, Scaland Wood and Danesfield Wood.

We have also spent on equipment for water maintenance.

However we have no major projects planned for this year.


In summary:

 Our Club is still in a healthy position.

We have reserves of £11000.

Membership continues to trend upwards ( last season was a blip we knew could not be maintained ).

We have an increasing water portfolio.

Our Lakes are being well maintained.

89.4% of all membership fees was spent on Water rent and maintenance.

 I would personally like to thank the Executive Committee members, the Working Party volunteers and anyone that has helped out at fundraising events for all their hard work and commitment, without which we would not have this successful club.


 As you may or may not know we have not raised subscription rates for 6 years now. The way we operate means that any subscription increase gets agreed at the AGM for the following season. So any increase agreed at this meeting would not come into effect until 1 April 2020.


 We do not anticipate needing to increase subscriptions in 2020, but we would like your approval to make an increase of up to £5 per membership, excluding Juniors, if the Executive Committee felt it was necessary at the end of the 2019/20 season.

We then had the election of the Clubs Officers which are listed elsewhere on this website and we would like to thank Cai and Amber Blakeway who have volunteered their time to join the Committee.

 This was followed by an explanation of the changes to the Constitution with each amendment being voted through along with the Hon. Treasurers proposal that the Committee may increase the annual subscription next season if they feel this is required.

After the talk and Q&A session with Carl Rasey we took the opportunity to tuck into the buffet and replenish our glasses at the bar after which our winners received their spoils (see pictures below) and this was followed by the raffle which raised approximately £200.00 this year, apparently our most successful ever so thank you to all who put their hand in their pocket.

 That concluded the evening with everyone finishing their drinks and telling their own "fishy tale"before making their way home after a very enjoyable evening.