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Scaland Wood

(Near Crowborough)

The club has enjoyed the rights to this water since 1978. Back in those days it was little more than a muddy hole. Under the guidance of the Water Management Officer of the day, Don Plummer and with the help of two stalwarts, Henry Russell and Dennis Beeney the water evolved into a wonderful little fishery. Members of a certain vintage will remember the floating island that meandered around until it was eventually removed in the mid 1980's. In 1992 the dam was reconstructed and the water was de-silted, before the fish were reintroduced.

Since then the water has gone from strength to strength and in 2009 the club had the chance to purchase the water, which it did. In 2010 a wind tunnel was constructed behind the dam and the roadside bank treeline was thinned out during 2012-13.

Soon after this the car park was reinstated, a short hard path made down to the pond and a compost toilet constructed. This water has now had further improvements during 2017 with defined raised pegs, improved path ways and an extension to the car park.

This water has often suffered low oxygen problems, hence the wind tunnel being created in 2010, and so the Committee decided that after taking advice we would invest in a permanent aeration system. So in August 2022 a solar powered system was installed on a platform out in the pond which we hope will improve the water quality and therefore the fishing here.

It is a water all members should feel proud of.
Day tickets are available for this water.

This water is open all year.

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