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The Trophy Winners - External Competitions

To be fished annually against the Dorset Arms Angling Club, for a shield presented by Mr. C.W. Rayner.

In 1970 this competition was fished as the Rayner Shield, then gained it's current name a year later.

WEIRWOOD TROPHY (1981 - 1987)
The donor of this trophy is currently unknown as is the whereabouts of the trophy.

No knowledge on what basis the competition was fished exists. To the best of our knowledge the trophy was last awarded in 1985. Please get in touch if you can educate us.

This match was instigated by CDAA member Roy Blackman who was serving in the Sussex Police at the time.

It was fished on an annual basis with CDAA hosting on a club water and the Sussex Police on a day ticket water.

There may never have been a trophy to fish for, it's thought it may only have been honour at stake.

This was an annual match fished between Keith Wilson's employers and CDAA,

with each team taking turns to host on an ad hoc basis.

CDAA provided the trophy although Strauss Turnbull and Company paid for it.

The match was always followed by buffet supper in a pub and prize giving. In it's time the competition was held at Buckhurst Park, Weirwood Reservoir, and finally Claverhambury Carp Lake. The matches eventually ended due to the high (coach hire) cost of travelling from Sussex to Essex to fish at Claverhambury. The matches were remembered fondly by those who took part and the trophy is thought to have sadly disappeared into the mists of time.

The donor of this trophy titled - Her Majesty's Land Registry - was the Land Registry. It was fished as a team match between HM Land Registry Royal Tunbridge Wells (at their Rotherfield Lake) and CDAA on an annual basis, with each taking turns to host. The competition arose because Don Plummer and Keith Williams both worked at the Land Registry and a very friendly rivalry emerged. This competition was last fished for in 1999. In July 2016 the trophy was handed back to the few remaining members of the Land Registry Angling Club.

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