Online Membership

If you join the Club online your membership book will be posted to you as soon as possible and the prices below

include an additional £2 to cover postage and packaging.

Day tickets, which are emailed to the buyer, and the Bough Beech add-on which can only be

purchased with a full membership are exempt from this.


The Small Print

When you are making your purchase online there is an "add a note" option in the shopping cart page where you can send us information that we may need about your purchase.

(If you cannot see this please email us at

Please use this to add any details if you fall into one or both of the following scenario's:

1. Please note that if you are the individual joining the Club and someone else is paying for it with their credit or debit card, please place your name in the postal address, so that our correspondence comes to you and not your benefactor.

2. If you are purchasing more than one membership in a single transaction then please include all the relevant information for the additional member(s) - name, address, membership type, contact details and so on.

We carry out working parties throughout the year and we do ask all members to make the effort to attend once per season. If you would rather not attend and would like to ease your conscience, you can opt to make a voluntary £5 donation to our Working Party Voluntary Contribution (WPVC) fund.

All money raised from this fund is used for water management and development.

Select the option from the Membership Categories below that is relevant to you, then click on the image.