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If you spot anything unusual at any of our waters please let us know so that we can take the appropriate action as quickly as possible.

June 2021 Newsletter


Dear Member,

Welcome to your June newsletter. Thank goodness we are getting back to a certain level of normality!

As always, your Committee have been working hard on your behalf to ensure the smooth running of the club. There is always lots of admin and manual work taking place and we are committed to keeping the waters up to our usual standards, for you and for the lake owners of course.

As you will by now be aware, we were unable to hold the AGM at the social club again this year. It did, of course, go ahead virtually and you will have seen the reports by now.

There are still some trophies waiting to be picked up at Crowborough Shoe Repairs on Crowborough High Street. Please pick them up when you can, as Sue is very kindly holding on to them for us.

As you may be aware, the club held the annual junior day this year on the 22nd May. Numbers had to be reduced due to COVID regulations but with the help of the coaches from the Angling Trust, 20 junior anglers enjoyed a brilliant day. Many thanks to everyone that made this very successful day happen.  The Town Mayor came to see the event and was very impressed.

Carl and Alex also came and they presented fishing whips to all the junior anglers at the end of the day. They were participants of Junior Day themselves in 2008 and have gone on to be followed by thousands of anglers on their own YouTube channel.

More good news – Hayden Taylor, one of our junior members, has after many sessions, caught a 23lb 9oz Common from Mill House Farm. Congratulations Hayden, you deserve it.

Yet more good news – the dam at Danesfield Wood has been repaired and at the same time the leak that had plagued us for about five years has also been sealed so hopefully the lake will remain full this summer keeping the fish happier as well as us.

Please note that Scaland Wood will be closed on the 12th/13th June for resurfacing of the entrance and car park along with some other works. There is also a work party here on Sunday 20th June, to which you are welcome to come along and help do some general tidying up of the bankside growth with us.

We have recently received reports of some new “known bests” and we do look forward to receiving your news and feedback when possible. We always like to hear from you and as you know, our website and Facebook page are regularly updated.

Best wishes from your committee.

March 2021 Newsletter

Dear Member,

Welcome to the last newsletter of the 2020-21 season. One of the strangest on record for sure!

Your Committee members and volunteers have continued to carry out planned maintenance on our waters and we of course welcome any new volunteers as and when we are able to resume normal practice.

Just a reminder that if you would like to contact us at any time, you can email, or message us on our Facebook page. If you have provided us with your email address when you joined, you may like to add ours to your address book (, and this will ensure that you receive any updates promptly. There is also the general enquiries phone number which is 07873 322562. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

You will find your renewal form on the reverse of this letter. Once again, some good news, there are no price changes to the membership fees. Once completed, please post to Sandra Lawrence, Butterflies, Eridge Road, Crowborough, East Sussex TN6 2SP, enclosing a self addressed and stamped envelope. You can also rejoin at one of our outlets, if they are open of course, or online through the website.  If you have recently joined on our 3 month free offer, you do not need to complete another form as you should have received your new season book already.

Please note, existing members with a season 2020-2021 book may renew their memberships online from 1st February, which enables us to issue your new book for 2021-2022 season to you at this earlier time.

As you are all aware, current regulations are changing on a regular basis.  Please continue to support us by rejoining. We appreciate these are uncertain times, but with you and your continued loyalty to us, we will all hopefully be back out on the bank very soon.

We are hopeful that the AGM, scheduled for 27th April this year, will go ahead in the usual format at the social club this year. This is again, currently unknown and we will update you as and when we have news.

We are looking forward to receiving some reports from you relating to your catches at each of our waters. We are currently updating the known best categories as some of the records stretch back quite a long time! Please keep us informed and look out for some news of notable and more recent catches.

Finally, we would like to thank you for joining us and hope you have enjoyed fishing our waters when it has been possible. Look forward to seeing you on the bank later in the year.


Best wishes on behalf of the CDAA committee. 

December 2020 Newsletter


Dear Members,


Welcome to your December newsletter.


As always, your committee are still working (virtually of course!) very hard on your behalf.

Working parties where possible have still taken place and updates can be seen on the website and of course on Facebook.


We are almost at that time of year again when the 3 months free membership becomes available for new members, so if you know anyone that might be considering joining us, then please let them know that from mid December this great offer will be available again.


We are now consulting with a specialist and testing our waters twice a year for water quality.

Pennybridge and Underhill are already undergoing remedial action, after testing highlighted differing issues. This work is funded by your subscriptions as are all of the works carried out on behalf of the club. We would like to request that you don’t throw bulk amounts of groundbait, boilies, etc in to the lakes, particularly Scaland Wood and Pennybridge as this will aid the ongoing actions.

We do listen to your feedback and following this, we have decided to put a roof on the toilet at Scaland Wood and also at Underhill. We really appreciate your comments, and we do act on them where possible.


We cannot ignore the fact that we are still unfortunately living under the threat of COVID-19. Please ensure you read the appropriate and differing instructions from any day ticket fisheries you may be visiting at this time. The Angling Trust website is constantly updated with the latest general information and our Hon. Secretary, Dave, is constantly updating our own website and Facebook pages in regard to our own waters.


Just a reminder of the Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme. Many of us will be changing our line at this time of year and it’s really important to dispose of your old line in a safe way. Rather than putting it in the bin, you can take it to your nearest collection point or post it to the ANLRS. Recycling your line will help stop it going to landfill where it can take 600 years to break down! Your recycled line is put to good use to make products such as rod stands and racks.


Your committee would like to wish you a happy and safe Christmas and New Year. We are sending cards to our riparian owners this year on your behalf, as we very much appreciate the support they give us every year, especially this unprecedented one for us all.


Have a great time and we look forward to seeing you all in person again soon.

September 2020 Newsletter


Dear Member,


Welcome to your September newsletter.


As you are all aware, restrictions are still in place but that has not stopped your committee working hard on your behalf, and holding our meetings and discussions in a virtual manner. We have been able to hold the AGM this way and hopefully you will have read the minutes and been happy with the progress your club is continuing to make.


Please remember to check the Angling Trust website for any blanket changes and updates that may come into effect. This is a very useful point of reference.

Any specific changes for our club can be seen on the club website or Facebook page, which are both regularly updated. If you do not have access to the internet, please feel free to contact the committee directly by phone. We are always willing to help.


Unfortunately we are unable to hold the annual Junior Day this year, but we do have an unprecedented number of junior members this year, so this is good news, as it shows that the younger generation are very much involved and enjoying getting out on the bank.

Additionally we are unable to hold other events such as Have a Go Days due to current restrictions.


You may already be aware that you are now able to purchase club clothing via the website, or you can order a club badge to add to your existing clothing items. Please follow these links – or for club badges only please follow If you would like something and are not able to order online, please contact Roger Funnell and he will organise this for you.


Feedback is ongoing regarding fishing at our various waters. We have received some really good reports of some stunning catches and you may well have been contacted to collect a trophy from Sue at CSR shoe repairs. If you have won something, congratulations from all of us and hopefully all our new and existing members will give us all some more competition this season.

Your committee are working hard to maintain the lakes for everyone and we hope that the working parties will resume in September. If you are able to help us out, you would be warmly welcomed and it would be great to meet some more of you in person. The next 4 dates are as follows –

27th September – Oast Farm

25th October – Underhill

22nd November – Pennybridge

20th December – Mill House Farm


Wirgol has now reopened for fishing. However, the owners have requested that you provide and use your own hand sanitiser. Please observe their requests as we always try to work in co-operation with our riparian owners.

Also, a quick reminder that if you are a member of Bough Beech through the club, we are not permitted to fish specifically for carp or pike.


Finally, on another positive note, congratulations are in order for our new Hon. Secretary, Mr Dave Flint. As well as working very hard for our club, he also works closely with the Angling Trust as a volunteer bailiff. He has been awarded a volunteer excellence award for going the extra mile to support the sport he feels so passionately about. Where would we be without the dedication of people like Dave!

June 2020 Newsletter


A warm welcome to existing and to our many new members. We look forward to chatting to you across the bank.


Firstly, we hope you, and your family and friends are keeping well and safe whilst we are all living with Covid-19.


As you are aware, we have only just been able to resume fishing again although under some new government led guidelines.

Our waters are now open as follows -

Scaland Wood                            Wednesday 13th May

Mill House Farm                         Wednesday 13th May

Oast Farm                                 Wednesday 13th May

Pennybridge                              Wednesday 13th May

Eridge Stream                           Wednesday 13th May

Underhill                                   Monday 1st June

Danesfield Wood                        Tuesday 16th June


Wirgol is not yet open – we will let you know when this water is available to fish again.


Bough Beech Reservoir    Wednesday 13th May

Any special measures - You must use hand sanitiser before using the gate, the Bailiff will check you have some.


Claygate Lakes                   Wednesday 13th May

Any special measures - Call the fishery before travelling


Gabriels Fishery                Tuesday 16th June

Any special measures - Call the fishery before travelling


More House Farm            Wednesday 13th May

Any special measures - Call the fishery before travelling


Weirwood Reservoir         Monday 25th May

Any special measures - Call the fishery before travelling


We will update all the information as we receive it, please visit the website regularly if you are able to do so, otherwise feel free to contact your committee with any other questions you may have.


Where it states "Call the fishery before travelling" if you get an answer phone please try again, do not travel unless you have spoken to the fishery directly.


On arrival at your chosen water please follow all the Government guidelines with regards to social distancing, health and hygiene. At some waters you will find pegs that have red/white barrier tape on the ground, these pegs are not to be used and in the unlikely event that you arrive at a water and all the available pegs are taken please do not use one of the marked ones as if you choose to do so you will be breaking the Government guidelines leaving yourself liable to a possible fine and prosecution as well as possibly endangering your fellow anglers and/or yourself. Also note that all toilet facilities at our own waters are closed.

We have now been fishing again for a few weeks and all is going well so far so enjoy your fishing and please abide by the rules as we hope these new guidelines will be relaxed further in the near future.  However, this will not be the case until the risks are reduced and we all have our part to play in helping to make that happen.


Weil’s Disease Information

Leptospirosis, also called Weil's disease, is an infection you can catch from animals and  can be fatal although it's rare in the UK.

It is spread in the pee of infected animals – most commonly rats, mice, cows, pigs and dogs.


You can catch it if:

Soil or freshwater (such as from a river, canal or lake) containing infected pee gets in your mouth, eyes or a cut.


Non-urgent advice: See a GP if you might have been exposed to infected pee and you have:

a very high temperature, or feel hot and shivery/a headache/feeling and being sick/aching muscles and joints/red eyes/loss of appetite.


Ask for an urgent appointment if you have:

yellow skin and eyes (jaundice)/swollen ankles, feet or hands/chest pain/shortness of breath/coughing up blood.


Pennybridge Update

Fishing quite well, some small Tench, Crucians, Roach and Perch have been caught. 

We are intending to introduce more Crucian Carp to this water in the Autumn. The delay is of course due to Covid-19. We will update you on future issues and improvements as and when we have them for you.


Club Clothing

You can now order clothing online if you wish to do so. Please follow the link to choose any products you may wish to order –


Other News

As you are probably aware, match fishing has now had the green light to resume. However, there are guidelines to follow as announced by the government. Please contact your committee if you require additional information or wish to participate in future matches.


If you were a club member last year and have left it a bit later than you normally would have done to rejoin, due to the extraordinary circumstances this year, we will not penalise you by charging you the £5 fee which would normally apply if you do not rejoin before the end of May.

There are several outlets available if you wish to use them, including CSR, the shoe repair shop on Crowborough High Street which is due to reopen on 15th June. Please see the club website or Facebook page for all your other options.


We have had a minor issue with gates at one of our waters so can we remind you that gates should be left as found and if closed please make sure they are secured.


With all the changes this year, you will probably be aware that this has affected our AGM. Be assured that your committee is considering alternative ways to ensure this important meeting is carried out in a way that means you can still be involved albeit not in the standard format.


Please be assured that your committee is working hard to keep the club at the high standards we believe we have achieved over the years.


Maybe you are able to volunteer to help with working parties on the lakes, or you have a skill that may be useful on another basis. We would be really happy to hear from you at any time.


Do you have any original ideas for the Fundraising Officer? If so, please let us know.


We hope you have a great season and look forward to hearing about your record catches!

Keep in touch.


Best wishes from your committee.