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If you spot anything unusual at any of our waters please let us know so that we can take the appropriate action as quickly as possible.

December 2023 Newsletter


We hope you are all keeping as well as you can and looking forward to the Christmas holiday period, hopefully you will get some time to get out on the bankside to. One of the pleasures of being a member is that you can go to your local water for just an hour or two without feeling you have wasted your money buying a day ticket.


As in previous years we are running the “Up to 3 months free” memberships so if you have any friends that would like to fish with you over the winter these are available from the usual outlets and on the club website. This ticket will give them club fishing opportunities until the end of March 2025! This would also make a great Christmas present for someone, and will last longer than most Christmas gifts.

Current members will have the option to renew their memberships for the 2024-25 season from mid- February 2024, and you will be very pleased to know that once again we are not increasing our prices. We have offered this service for a couple of years now and it has proved very successful, and it keeps our Hon. Treasurer very happy!


A role that we really need help with is running the Junior match’s next season. These are already organised but we need someone to, at least, assist the current person but if you could take on the role fully that would be great. If you would like more information on this, please contact us at


A new role which we have had to put in place is that of Club Welfare Officer. This role is all to do with safeguarding and making sure we have someone in place to ensure we are doing all we can to protect our “vulnerable” members. We are very thankful that we already have someone willing, able and with some experience of what is required to take this on, and she is already known to a number of you so we welcome Janet Funnell. Janet’s contact details will be available to the membership in due course as she will be the point of contact should you have any issues that you feel come under her remit as this role is independent of the committee.


A couple of minor issues we have are firstly the parking at Oast Farm, please do not park in the shop/café car park but use the “layby” beside the lake. This is particularly important on Saturdays when the shop & café are often very busy. Secondly when joining/renewing your membership please ensure you provide all the required details, particularly if you are signing up someone other than yourself or adding others as well as yourself, this saves us having to contact you to obtain those details as they are required for us to accurately maintain our membership database (which is covered by the GDPR 2018) so that we can contact any member should the need arise.


You will be pleased to know that we have renewed our agreements with both Claygate Lakes and More House Farm for another year, but please note that from January 1st 2024 if you fish More House Farm the “day ticket” price has increased to £4.


We are now getting a few more reports of how the waters are fishing from members which is great news even when it is not so good because this lets us know that there may be an issue that needs investigation.
We have had a new “known best” Common Carp of 14lb 6oz recently caught at Scaland Wood, this hopefully shows that we did the right thing in installing the permanent aerator here. We have also had a report of a good Mirror Carp coming from Underhill that had been caught nine months earlier weighing nearly 5lb less, this indicates that the liming we are carrying out there is improving the natural food base which is backed up by the fact that nearly all of the catch reports we are getting from this water, the anglers were using natural type baits.


Once again can we ask that if you are able to please let us know that you are available for work parties as too few people are having to do the work, these are often quite a laugh and more hands make light work. If you are interested in taking on the role of Bailiff at any of our waters, to carry out day to day maintenance i.e. grass cutting, then please do contact us so we can chat about what is involved. We do not do any heavy work at scheduled working parties as this is carried out at other times by either contractors or specific teams with the right abilities. We have the last one of this year at Scaland Wood on the 17th Dec so if you are free pop down, we will be there from 9am till about midday. The work parties will then resume in March.


Club branded clothing is still available from so if you are stuck for an Xmas present idea this might be the solution. Or if you already have an item but would like to have a CDAA logo on it these can be purchased here


Dates for your diary –

AGM will be held on 23rd April 2024 at the Social Club

Family day/weekend at Pennybridge – date TBA

Further details will be available on the club website and Facebook page in due course.


Finally, as always, please contact us with any news or suggestions you have.

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

From your committee.

September 2023 Newsletter

Another summer passes us by and hopefully you have enjoyed some good sessions at the waters you have fished and will continue to do so as the weather cools down now. Many of you will be thinking of changing tactics as you try for the Perch and Pike and so just a reminder that we now have access to over twice the length of the Royal Military Canal that we used to have and this water is one of the few where you can catch Pike on our ticket but you must have an RFA sticker on your handbook/card.
If you know of anyone who might be thinking of joining us then now is a good time as we are currently offering our mid-season ticket so they can have the rest of the season at half price. See the website for details.

At the end of July, we held our 75th Celebration event at Pennybridge and it was very successful despite a few of the promised stall holders not showing on the day probably due to the unpredictable weather.
Dave Stanbridge was the main organiser of the day and writes:
“At one of the committee meetings in late 2022 it was noticed that 2023 would be the 75th Anniversary of the formation of CDAA. We decided that we could not let this pass without some form of celebration. This was not to be a fund-raising event but a family affair. In January 2023 the organisation began and the 29th of July was picked being the first Saturday after the summer break for schools began.  Pennybridge was the obvious choice, local, good lake and a field where we could hold a function. Peter Gottelier, the landlord was in favour so we began to sort things in earnest. The immediate reaction from the people we spoke to was that they could not believe that a local organisation could have lasted for that amount of time! This is a credit to the many members and workers who made this possible over the past 75 years. A budget was set and all the committee "volunteered" to carry out various tasks. We wanted to give anybody the chance to try fishing who wanted to and provide some entertainment for everyone to enjoy. Our first result was the local Council giving us a grant to pay for the three coaches from the Angling Trust. We were able to source various food and drink suppliers and some very helpful ladies baked cakes and provided other refreshments. A Bouncy Castle and a Tombola was arranged and a couple of local charities attended. Approximately 250 people attended the event and 59 of those had a go at fishing for the first time! We signed up some new members and showed people what we are all about. On the day we were well within our budget, and the feedback we received from people as they left, and have been sent to us since, suggest that a good day was had by all. Thanks to everybody who helped and we made small donations to the following who helped make the event a success, Forest Fold Baptist Chapel (parking & tables), Fireman’s Benevolent Fund (East Sussex Fire & Rescue provided a fire engine), Aspens, Red Cross. Also special mention must go to Crowborough Women’s Institute who provided tables & chairs, Janet Funnell, Janna Cottington & Leslie Harris who provided cakes & filled rolls along with tea & coffee, John Manktelow who organised and ran the tombola, Helen Smith who took the details required for everyone that had a go at fishing, Kris Smith of KJB Inflatables who provided the bouncy castle free of charge and finally Peter & Joanna Gottelier for allowing us to use their lake and field for this event.”
Could we ask, as we seem to have taken very few ourselves, if anyone has any photos of the day could you send them to we would be very grateful.

Unfortunately, we have an invasive species that has been spotted in our area which poses a very real threat to our honey bees and other pollinators. If you spot one, please do not kill it, but if possible get a photo and use this website to identify it and report your sighting so that it can be logged and dealt with.

We are sorry to report that we have had issues with litter this summer which has caused a few comments from a couple of our riparian owners. This is particularly upsetting when the culprits have been seen and asked to remove the offending items but reply with “I didn’t leave it there so why should I pick it up”. Well firstly, yes, it is annoying if you didn’t drop it but secondly club rule number 5 states “No litter of any kind (including unused bait, drinks containers, cigarette     ends, discarded tackle and anything else that could contaminate the environment) must be left behind on any water. All members are to be     responsible for any litter found within 15 feet (3.8m) of all sides of his or her fishing position, whether the litter was left by him/her or not”.
Please do abide by this rule as we really do not want to be losing any water due to the owners getting fed up with our members attitudes. We know this is a very small minority of members and we would like to thank the majority who take their responsibilities seriously and do their bit.

Our Hon. Secretary recently had a short session at Oast Farm with Dave Wilkins who is the Angling Trust SE Region Enforcement Support Manager. Dave grew up in Uckfield and first found his passion for angling fishing the local waters, he reckoned it was about forty years since he had fished Oast Farm and could remember it getting its original stocking. Dave even used an old split cane rod and set up. They fished using bread flake and sweetcorn, with sweetcorn being the more successful bait on the day, and had a great afternoon-evenings sport with the usual banter and catching approximately 100lb of fish between them. Dave will hopefully be joining us again soon to try some of our other waters that were his old haunts.
Speaking of the Angling Trust, we as a club have benefitted from being members of the AT over the past few years and would encourage you all to look at becoming individual members as the money raised from subscriptions goes towards fighting the cause of anglers wherever needed. One of the biggest issues currently is the dumping of untreated sewage into our rivers and seas and the AT are putting a lot of pressure on both the EA and Government to do something about this so if you could spare £30 take a look at joining here

In the March newsletter we asked you to report your catches due to the improvements in water quality we are trying to make at some of our waters. We seem to have been very successful at Pennybridge but are having less luck at Underhill so we would be very grateful if you could report on any sessions you do have at this water as we continue to try to make it better. We will be clearing some of the lilies and also felling five trees at the far end to allow more wind onto the lake surface and so encouraging better circulation of the water as recent tests have found the water quality to be very patchy. If you fish here, we recommend you fish to the patches of weed and not to the lilies or open water until we can get the water moving about more. As always, we are easy to contact and are happy to receive your reports or comments via email, text, FB message or a good old fashioned phone call.

Claygate Lakes – just a reminder once again that unless you were a member last season you cannot fish this water this season, also when you can fish it you are limited to five visits per season after which you have to pay for a normal day ticket. This is being monitored so please don’t abuse it or we could lose this water.

Wirgol – Stuart, our new Bailiff at this water, has done a lot of work here over the past few months opening up swims and the paths around the two ponds. In between times he has found the time to catch a few cracking fish as well, so if you can manage the hill walk from the car park it is well worth a visit.

Our work parties have started again and we really like to see new faces at these, it’s a chance to meet up have a chat and a laugh plus get some tidying up done. The dates are on the website and a post goes up on our Facebook page a few days before each one, the next is at Underhill on the 8th October.

We need you -
Hi. This is your Treasurer talking!
I will be resigning in March 2024 because I will be moving to a different part of the country.
We need someone with: Financial experience, who can visit Crowborough Tackle once a week from February to August, and once a month from September to January.
Can liaise with the Membership Secretary to exchange memberships received via the shops and via the post. Undertake the banking of funds received. Pay all lease payments as they fall due monthly, plus any other payments that fall due.
Provide monthly accounts to the Committee and produce annual accounts for the Auditor and the AGM.
It takes me about 4 hours a week, more in Feb – Aug, less in Sep to Jan.
If you want to see what is involved, I will be happy for you to come and see first-hand.

Also, we would like someone to take over the running of the Junior matches next season. They run from the beginning of June until the end of September with a match pretty much every other Saturday morning, so 8-9 matches, and all but one is held on our own waters. The main criteria are you’ve got to like kids, be reliable and you will need to hold a basic DBS check certificate, if you do not currently have this then we will pay for you to apply for one. If you might be interested in taking this on, please contact us for more details.

Finally, our Freshwater Match Steward, Dave Cottington was recently invited to take part in Edenbridge Angling Society’s charity match at Hever Castle which he rather cheekily went and won with 150lb 7oz, being a new lake record, and with second place only weighing in 96lb 14oz. Even cheekier he wore his CDAA emblazoned polo shirt whilst fishing and at the prize giving, and reckoned it was the best days fishing he has ever had and can’t wait to return next season to defend his trophy. Well done Dave C.

Best wishes on behalf of the CDAA Committee.

June 2023 Newsletter


Well here we are at the start of another new season and after a very wet winter & spring the finer weather seems to have settled in now allowing us to get on with the jobs that need doing in the garden plus getting out for some decent bankside time.

Speaking of getting jobs done, our waters do need some regular maintenance and this season we have a new Water Management Officer. Daniel Taylor has taken over the role from Dave Cottington, who we thank for his many years in this role but he has moved on to the Match Secretary position, and Daniel is looking to involve more members in the Bailiff role and the general maintenance of our waters. If you are interested then contact the club through the normal channels and we’ll pass it on to Daniel who will be happy to have a chat with you and explain what will be required of you, remember many hands make light work.


Sadly last month we lost our last founding member. Dave Park was a junior when the club was formed in 1948 and gave the club many years of service. He was never really a prominent person in the club but was always there in the background ready and willing to give advice on all matters concerning our waters. Many of you will have seen him in later years fishing at Scaland Wood, usually from pegs 1 or 2 with his wife Norma, and with his trusty pond net next to him. This was because Dave had a vast knowledge of water craft experience and his net was used to dip for invertebrates from which he could tell if the water was healthy or not. It was from conversations with him that we realised that Scalands was not in the best of health resulting in the aerator that now sits in the middle of this water. RIP Dave.


With regards to water quality many of you are aware that we are working to improve this, and with it the fishing, at Pennybridge, Underhill and as already mentioned Scaland Wood. Because of this we really would like you to report your catches, or your just opinion on whether you think your catches have improved or not over the past few years from these waters so that we can monitor if what we are doing is working how we hope it is. We are easy to contact and are happy to receive your reports or comments via email, text, FB message or a good old fashioned phone call.


Claygate Lakes – just a reminder to you all that unless you were a member last season you cannot fish this water this season, also when you can fish it you are limited to five visits per season after which you have to pay for a normal day ticket. This is being monitored so please don’t abuse it or we could lose this water.


This year our club celebrates 75 years of welcoming anglers to join us in the sport/hobby we all love. We have had many highs and lows, particularly over the past few years, but we are going to celebrate this milestone in our history with a family event being held at Pennybridge (our thanks to the owners for allowing this) on Saturday July 29th. This will be open to all members and the public and will start at midday, there will be a chance to have a go at fishing with Angling Trust coaches, bouncy castle, tombola stall, hot & cold food, licenced bar, plus other stalls in the field adjacent to the lake, parking will be in the Forest Fold Baptist Chapel 100yds up the road.

We hope this is going to be a great day but we could do with some help particularly in the morning getting everything set up, and again at the end taking everything down, so if you wouldn’t mind lending a hand please contact us, we would really appreciate it and will allow us all to enjoy the day.


Waters - We are pleased to be able to report that after the concerns with regards to the RFA/EA agreements this has now been resolved and the RFA have actually gained a further stretch of the Royal Military Canal and one that is not used for flood alleviation and therefore has a more stable depth along its length. The RFA are updating their website to show the new stretch so further details will appear there in due course.

We have retained all our other waters for another season plus we now have book exchange agreements with Haywards Heath & District Angling Society and the Ouse Angling & Preservation Society. The HHDAS exchange is only available through our online membership page but if you require this but do not have online access please contact us and we can arrange this for you. The OAPS exchange books are available from Crowborough Shoe Repairs during shop opening hours or by contacting our Hon. Secretary via the club contacts if you need to collect an exchange book outside of the shop hours, he lives in Uckfield.

Whichever exchange you use we ask that you only hold it for 7 days maximum to allow others to use it as we are only allowed four exchanges at any one time, and also note that not all the HHDAS/OAPS waters are available to our members using the exchange. Please respect the other club’s rules as we have worked hard to get these agreements and do not want to lose them especially as they give us some fantastic river fishing.

Underhill – due to a collapsed bridge just before you get to the lake coming from Five Ashdown the only access to this water is via Maresfield village. It is likely to remain this way for some time until East Sussex Highways decide to repair the bridge, if in fact they ever do!

Ladies – Amber has once again arranged some matches for this season but unfortunately she was the only one to turn up to the first one last month! Please do support these as it would be a shame if these were to stop due to a lack of interest as we do have quite a few female members and this section of the club was building quite nicely pre-covid. The matches start at 10am and finish at 3pm
18-Jun              Scaland Wood

16-Jul               Underhill

24-Sep             Oast Farm

Beach fishing – we are still trying to get more interest in this section of the club so if you are interested, please contact John Cattanach via the club contacts as he is looking to arrange some dates for a few beach sessions.

Wednesday evening matches – note: these matches now start at the earlier time of 4pm so if you are not involved please vacate the water before this time.

07-Jun              Underhill

14-Jun              Pennybridge

05-Jul               Underhill

12-Jul               Pennybridge

19-Jul               Underhill

26-Jul               Pennybridge


Other diary dates:

8th-13th June – Pennybridge lake is closed as the owners are hosting a family wedding
11th June – work party at Danesfield Wood

25th June – work party at Scaland Wood

29th July – 75 years of CDAA event at Pennybridge (midday to 5pm)

Well I think that has got you updated on all that is going on so we hope you have an enjoyable summer and get to do as much fishing as you would like, oh and we hope to see you and your family on July 29th at our 75th celebration event.


Best wishes on behalf of the CDAA Committee.

March Newsletter 2023.

Welcome to the last newsletter of the 2022-23 season.
Your committee members and volunteers have continued to carry out planned maintenance on our waters and we of course welcome any new volunteers, we would also welcome some younger members to the committee.

Just a reminder that if you would like to contact us at any time, you can email, or message us on our Facebook page. If you have provided us with your email address when you joined, you may like to add ours to your address book (, and this will ensure that you receive any updates promptly. There is also the general enquiries phone number which is 07873 322562. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

You will find your renewal form on the reverse of this letter. Once again, some good news, there are no price changes to the membership fees. Once completed, please post to Sandra Lawrence, Butterflies, Eridge Road, Crowborough, East Sussex TN6 2SP, enclosing a self-addressed and stamped envelope. You can also re-join at one of our outlets or online through the website.  

Please note, existing members with a season 2022-2023 handbook may renew their memberships online from 1st February, which enables us to issue your new book for 2023-2024 season to you at this earlier time.
If you have recently joined on our 3-month free offer you do not need to complete another form as your 2023-24 handbook will be sent out to you automatically.

Please continue to support us by re-joining, we appreciate your continued loyalty to us.

Our AGM, scheduled for 25th April, will go ahead as usual at the social club this year. We look forward to meeting you there.

We are also looking forward to receiving more reports from you relating to your catches at each of our waters. We are currently updating the known best categories as some of the records stretch back quite a long time! Please keep us informed and look out for some news of notable and more recent catches.

Finally, we would like to thank you for joining us and hope you have enjoyed fishing our waters.  Look forward to seeing you on the bank later in the year.

Best wishes on behalf of the CDAA committee.  


Tribute to Roger Funnell

With great sadness we have to inform you of the passing of Roger Funnell last month.

His funeral will take place on Friday 16th September at 2:30pm and will be held at St. Michael & all Angels Church, Withyham. All are welcome to attend and after the service everyone is invited to the wake being held at the Crowborough Community Centre.
Details of the service and directions to the church can be found here
along with how you may make a donation in Rogers’s memory. His chosen charity is the Saxonbury Surgery in Croft Road, Crowborough.
Dress code for the funeral is to wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

The list of things he has done for the club over the years would take far too long to list so here is just a snapshot.

Many of you will have known Roger recently as the person who ran the matches as this was his most recent role within our Association, but if you go back he was the powerhouse behind the planning and construction of Pennybridge Lake in Crowborough and it was the first water to be constructed with funding from the National Lottery thanks to his efforts.
We were one of the first clubs to have a website back when building a website was no mean feat, and Roger was self taught making it an even more daunting achievement, we also became one of the first to use email. Although Roger relinquished his role as Publicity Officer back in 2011 he continued to assist with the website, particularly when it had to be completely redone from scratch in early 2019 which looked like being a huge task with all the tables of historical information looking like they were going to have to be typed out individually until Roger found a way that the existing ones could have their data copied into excel and then be loaded onto the new site, this saved hours of work and summed up Roger’s dogged determination and ability to solve problems.

Crowborough & District Anglers Association also has a long history of encouraging youngsters into the sport/hobby and yet again this was headed up by Roger, particularly with the annual Junior Days held at Pennybridge alongside the match series run especially for our younger members.

Ever since the opening of Pennybridge lake he had taken it upon himself to carry out the day to day maintenance of this very popular water but he also still found time to regularly turn up to work party’s at our other waters, provided they did not clash with his matches. This water will be his lasting legacy to both the club and the local community.

Speaking of matches, each year he would book, organise and fish the Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday match series doing the pegging and weigh in, plus sorting the all important pool and payouts which he unfortunately rarely won but that never worried him as he was happy just to have competed and been able to help others to enjoy the sport/hobby he so loved himself.

Rest in peace Roger, you are going to be very much missed.


Tribute to Mr Peter Boorman our President


It is with great sadness that we have to announce the passing, last month, of Mr Peter Boorman who was our President for the last 21 years.

It is doubtful that anyone has given as much time to our club as Peter had, with 53 years’ service on the Committee and many years previously as a club member.  Pete was always a steady presence at the helm, often guiding but never pressuring and more than willing to offer advice using his vast experience of both angling and running his own very successful business.

We all have fond memories of Pete who always had time to lend an ear or pass on some little bit of knowledge that would help you catch more or bigger fish, and some of us can remember being taken “under his wing” when we were young junior members particularly on the coach trips to fish the River Rother at Newenden.

The funeral will be held at All Saints Church, Crowborough on the 27th July at 12:30pm and several of our Committee members will attend to represent Crowborough & District Anglers Association.

The family have asked that if anyone wishes to make a donation they please use the link below as the two charities chosen were close to both Peter and his wife Sue (who sadly passed away just a few hours prior to Pete) and/or you may choose to leave a tribute which the family will see.

Rest in Peace Peter, your passing is a great loss to both our club and the local community.


Below are pictures of Pete with Cris Millis (our Chairman) when they were both presented with gifts from the club for their 20 years service in their respective roles and also Pete with Dave Cottington at our 2022 AGM in April.


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