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If you spot anything unusual at any of our waters please let us know so that we can take the appropriate action as quickly as possible.

June 2020 Newsletter


A warm welcome to existing and to our many new members. We look forward to chatting to you across the bank.


Firstly, we hope you, and your family and friends are keeping well and safe whilst we are all living with Covid-19.


As you are aware, we have only just been able to resume fishing again although under some new government led guidelines.

Our waters are now open as follows -

Scaland Wood                            Wednesday 13th May

Mill House Farm                         Wednesday 13th May

Oast Farm                                 Wednesday 13th May

Pennybridge                              Wednesday 13th May

Eridge Stream                           Wednesday 13th May

Underhill                                   Monday 1st June

Danesfield Wood                        Tuesday 16th June


Wirgol is not yet open – we will let you know when this water is available to fish again.


Bough Beech Reservoir    Wednesday 13th May

Any special measures - You must use hand sanitiser before using the gate, the Bailiff will check you have some.


Claygate Lakes                   Wednesday 13th May

Any special measures - Call the fishery before travelling


Gabriels Fishery                Tuesday 16th June

Any special measures - Call the fishery before travelling


More House Farm            Wednesday 13th May

Any special measures - Call the fishery before travelling


Weirwood Reservoir         Monday 25th May

Any special measures - Call the fishery before travelling


We will update all the information as we receive it, please visit the website regularly if you are able to do so, otherwise feel free to contact your committee with any other questions you may have.


Where it states "Call the fishery before travelling" if you get an answer phone please try again, do not travel unless you have spoken to the fishery directly.


On arrival at your chosen water please follow all the Government guidelines with regards to social distancing, health and hygiene. At some waters you will find pegs that have red/white barrier tape on the ground, these pegs are not to be used and in the unlikely event that you arrive at a water and all the available pegs are taken please do not use one of the marked ones as if you choose to do so you will be breaking the Government guidelines leaving yourself liable to a possible fine and prosecution as well as possibly endangering your fellow anglers and/or yourself. Also note that all toilet facilities at our own waters are closed.

We have now been fishing again for a few weeks and all is going well so far so enjoy your fishing and please abide by the rules as we hope these new guidelines will be relaxed further in the near future.  However, this will not be the case until the risks are reduced and we all have our part to play in helping to make that happen.


Weil’s Disease Information

Leptospirosis, also called Weil's disease, is an infection you can catch from animals and  can be fatal although it's rare in the UK.

It is spread in the pee of infected animals – most commonly rats, mice, cows, pigs and dogs.


You can catch it if:

Soil or freshwater (such as from a river, canal or lake) containing infected pee gets in your mouth, eyes or a cut.


Non-urgent advice: See a GP if you might have been exposed to infected pee and you have:

a very high temperature, or feel hot and shivery/a headache/feeling and being sick/aching muscles and joints/red eyes/loss of appetite.


Ask for an urgent appointment if you have:

yellow skin and eyes (jaundice)/swollen ankles, feet or hands/chest pain/shortness of breath/coughing up blood.


Pennybridge Update

Fishing quite well, some small Tench, Crucians, Roach and Perch have been caught. 

We are intending to introduce more Crucian Carp to this water in the Autumn. The delay is of course due to Covid-19. We will update you on future issues and improvements as and when we have them for you.


Club Clothing

You can now order clothing online if you wish to do so. Please follow the link to choose any products you may wish to order –


Other News

As you are probably aware, match fishing has now had the green light to resume. However, there are guidelines to follow as announced by the government. Please contact your committee if you require additional information or wish to participate in future matches.


If you were a club member last year and have left it a bit later than you normally would have done to rejoin, due to the extraordinary circumstances this year, we will not penalise you by charging you the £5 fee which would normally apply if you do not rejoin before the end of May.

There are several outlets available if you wish to use them, including CSR, the shoe repair shop on Crowborough High Street which is due to reopen on 15th June. Please see the club website or Facebook page for all your other options.


We have had a minor issue with gates at one of our waters so can we remind you that gates should be left as found and if closed please make sure they are secured.


With all the changes this year, you will probably be aware that this has affected our AGM. Be assured that your committee is considering alternative ways to ensure this important meeting is carried out in a way that means you can still be involved albeit not in the standard format.


Please be assured that your committee is working hard to keep the club at the high standards we believe we have achieved over the years.


Maybe you are able to volunteer to help with working parties on the lakes, or you have a skill that may be useful on another basis. We would be really happy to hear from you at any time.


Do you have any original ideas for the Fundraising Officer? If so, please let us know.


We hope you have a great season and look forward to hearing about your record catches!

Keep in touch.


Best wishes from your committee.


March 2020 Newsletter


Dear Member,


Welcome to the last newsletter of the 2019-20 season and if you have been involved or follow us on Facebook you will know it's been a busy year again with lots of matches and work parties which included the complete rebuilding of the bridge at Mill House Farm as well as the more mundane general maintenance our waters require to keep them to the high standards you expect.


We would like to inform you that as well as our email address we now have a permanent telephone number for all general enquiries which is 07873 322562. If you call it and get the answerphone please do leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as it's possible.


On the reverse of this newsletter you will find the membership renewal form, once again we have not had to raise the price on any category, so please complete this and post it to Sandra or pop into one of our outlets, you can also rejoin online. If you recently joined on our 3 months free offer you DO NOT need to use this form as you are already a member for the 2020-21 season and your handbook will be posted to you before the end of March. Should you choose not to renew this coming season we would be very grateful if you would drop us an email with a short explanation on why you've decided not to renew as this could help us to retain more members in the future, although we do appreciate some of you will just fancy fishing new waters. Can we also remind you that, should you not renew, your details will be held electronically until 31st January 2021 and that you may receive emails from us up to this date unless you contact us asking to have your details removed sooner.


We would also like to take this opportunity to invite you to attend this years AGM and prize giving which will be held at the Social Club in Crowborough on Tuesday 5th May. We will have a Guest of Honour, the raffle with loads of prizes and a free buffet plus all the usual banter. Remember the specimen competitions are open for claims until midnight on March 31st so if you think you have a contender get in touch, and a reminder that Fish of the Year claims can be of a fish caught anywhere so long as it is a UK water.


As many of you are aware Pennybridge, one of our most popular waters, has not been fishing so well over the past couple of years, we have now found this is due to a water quality issue which we are working to resolve and we hope to see an improvement quite quickly but this will require ongoing treatment and monitoring, we have already secured some new stock for when the water is ready to take them.


Finally we hope you have enjoyed fishing our waters over the past season and that you continue to do so in the future and we look forward to seeing you at the AGM or on the bankside and hearing about your catches and any other thoughts you may have.


For and on behalf of the

CDAA Committee.

December 2019 Newsletter


Dear Member,

Welcome to your latest updates regarding your fishing club.


There is a new gate at Potmans Heath that includes a small gate within its construction, it has a 15" high step and has to be held open as you pass through it . There had been several complaints about this from members and it has been agreed that the main gate will be left open. Members are reminded that this is also a bridleway and this is the only way a horse can be got through . The RFA are aware that this will at some point have to be dealt with properly . The main gate will be left open for us and please if everyone remembers  to close it behind them it would be helpful.



I hope you will be pleased that there is a new stretch of water which will be available from October 1st. until September 30th. 2020. We will post a copy of the map on our website and Facebook page.

The only things we as members need to be aware of are:
No parking on the riverbank / through the gate. Park on Lossenham Lane only but do NOT obstruct the gate.
Maximum of 20 anglers at any time (match secretaries be aware)
Do not fish beyond the boundary post.
NO fish of ANY species to be taken away at any time.
Our use of the river will be reviewed and if the owner is happy he will continue.
Absolutely NO litter (and anglers using the water are responsible for clearing any BEFORE fishing.)
Cut NO vegetation down other than what is necessary to open up a swim.
March 15th - June 15th Close Season


We have noted the issues that have been brought to our attention about Pennybridge. The feedback has been that the fishing has not been up to its usual standard for some time and we have been working on some possible solutions for some time, and taking professional advice.

The water has been regularly tested and we have now commenced a plan of action. This includes the liming  of the water which will not stop you visiting and fishing the water. 

We will of course keep you updated on progress.


At the time of writing, we are waiting for a report and will update when we receive a response from the EA.

For those of you that like to fish this particular water please note that we have been made aware that the bridge over the stream, on the Sandhill stretch, has become dislodged by the recent flood waters. As this is a public footpath it is in the hands of ESCC Highways who will repair/replace  the bridge, in the meantime please do not use.



The next scheduled working party is on Sunday 15th December from 9.00 – 12.30. This will be at Mill House Farm, so please come along if at all possible. We also have a new bailiff for this water – Daniel Taylor, ably assisted by his son Hayden. He already has a good rapport with the owner and lives very near to the water. His details will be in your new membership books next season. Thank you Daniel, your help is much appreciated.

We recently had a very successful day at Pennybridge, and with a good turnout of people, this water is now all tidied up for the winter. Many thanks to everyone that helped out.

We, as a club already have a planned maintenance schedule on a yearly basis. We are currently working on a 5 year plan as this will enable us to more easily apply for any potential grants which we may be considered for.

As ever, we have a small crew of volunteers that carry out most of the maintenance at present. It would be so helpful to recruit some more helpers to lighten the load for the regulars.

Most of the working parties are only for a couple of hours each so please consider coming along.


Do you have any great ideas to raise funds for items such as new equipment to maintain our waters? If so, don’t keep them to yourself!! We would love to hear them.

HOOKED ON GREEN - Christmas/New Year Opening Times
Monday 23rd – 07.30-18.00                                                        
Christmas Eve – 07.30-13.00                                                       
Christmas Day / Boxing Day Closed                                         
Friday 27th - 09.00-18.00

Saturday 28th - 09.00-18.00

Sunday 29th - 10.00-16.00

Monday 30th - 09.00-18.00
New Years Eve - 09.00-16.00
New Years Day Closed



September 2019 Newsletter


Dear Member,

Welcome to your September newsletter for your fishing club.

Please take some time to read our ramblings, as there may be some useful information between the lines!!

Firstly some of you may have realised that Pennybridge has not been fishing so well over the past couple of summers. We have now taken some professional advice and it seems that there is an issue with the water quality when there is little or no flow from the inlet causing the fish to become "stressed". We are now in the process of speaking with the owner and deciding what course of action we take as this will be an ongoing issue if nothing is done so rest assured we are on the case to get the fishing back up to scratch at this popular water.

Whilst monitoring our waters, it has been observed that there are still some issues with litter. Please ensure you take all your rubbish home and keep an eye out for any that may have been left by other anglers. If you do see any laying around, it would be greatly appreciated if you could dispose of it appropriately and just let us know. This is of course, an ongoing problem and we are doing our best to keep all the waters as we would like to find them ourselves. Don’t forget, litter can and will harm wildlife and fish and to that end we would prefer it wasn't left in the toilets as is happening at some of our waters.

While on the subject of litter did you know that if you have any old fishing line to dispose of, there is a line recycling box at Crowborough Tackle. Please try and remember to use it as this is a brilliant service and your line will eventually become road cones, amongst other products.


The working party team have been working very hard as usual to try and ensure we can all go fishing in a safe and tidy environment. The latest large project has been at Mill House Farm where a new bridge has now been constructed. Particular mentions must go to Dave Flint and Cliff Milledge who took on the roles of project managers. There was a good turnout for this particular task and many thanks to those who supported the day by working, supervising and making plenty of cups of tea available.

Don't forget, if you would like to help with any of these essential works, please contact us by email on


The next scheduled working party was due to happen on Saturday 15th September at Oast Farm. That one will now not take place as the works have already been carried out, due to the fact the lake is booked for a match that weekend. Please see the club website or Facebook page for further updates.

The following one will be at Underhill on Sunday 27th October from 9-12.30. We would always make you welcome and would really appreciate your help if you are free on that day. Just let us know you are coming and we can bring more cups!!



This scheme allows you to fish waters belonging to Haywards Heath and Glynde fishing clubs. They are held by Jed at Crowborough Tackle. If you would like to use this facility, please take your membership book and £10 to the shop. Jed will exchange books with you and when you return them, you will get your CDAA book and your £10 back. This excellent opportunity has recently been underused and it does open up a lot more fishing venues to you.

In conclusion, please feel free to contact us about anything you would like to comment on, or with any suggestions you may have. We are on Facebook, Twitter, email or the old fashioned telephone.

Don’t be shy as its good to have feedback when possible.


Robin from Hooked on Green in Uckfield would like to mention that he has now added Dynamite Baits to his list of suppliers and has an increased range of Groundbaits and pellets. They are open 7 days a week and you are entitled to a 10% discount if you produce your membership book at time of purchase.

Another available outlet, although not local to our waters is Bodle Angling which has opened in Burgess Hill.

Details can be found on our Local Tackle Dealers page of this website.

John Butler
Honorary Secretary

June 2019 Newsletter

Dear Member, welcome to our latest newsletter.

AGM & Race Night

The AGM at the Crowborough Social Club was well attended once again and thank you to all took the time to attend. Race night was also well supported and a huge thank you to all those involved in organising and running the event, I know Pete Gotts worked very hard to bring this together so thank you all for your support.

A message from the CDAA President Mr Peter Boorman

Sandra Lawrence announced at our last Committee Meeting that she had sold her tackle business.  Sandra’s Crowborough Tackle Shop has been a vital support to our fishing club for many years and she has re-sited her business from the little wooden hut in the station goods yard through quite a few locations and finally to end up in Jarvis Brook where it is now.  Sandra has worked tirelessly for the benefit of our club as well as other anglers in the area giving time and sponsorships and has been our Membership Secretary for many years and I am sure that she will continue in retirement to serve our club for many years to come.  On behalf of the Crowborough & District Anglers Association I would take this opportunity to thank Sandra for all that she has done in the interests of the club and that of angling in general and wish her a happy well-earned retirement and we look forward to seeing more of Sandra on the banks of our waters in the future. Peter Boorman – CDAA President.

Exciting times at Mill House Farm

Club member Daniel Taylor, pictured with his son Hayden, had a result with a Common Carp of 19lb 11oz caught at Mill House Farm on 2nd June. He spent most of the session stalking this fish on the surface using an 8ft 2lb test curve stalker rod with 8lb line straight through! To say he was thrilled is an understatement and this fish is now a contender for both the Tony Barnard Memorial Carp Trophy and Fish of the Year.

I would also like to add that we are going to rebuild the bridge at this venue and that it would be nice to see some new faces at the work parties in the future, especially the bridge builders among you!

I leave you with a message from everybody’s favourite tackle shop owner.

John Butler
Honorary Secretary



I have some big news relating to Crowborough Tackle. Very soon, there will be a new owner of the tackle shop. His name is Jed Kent, an experienced and accomplished angler who is already known and has worked in the fishing tackle trade.

He will be taking over from me very shortly. It’s time for this old granny to spend more time at home, looking after the family and spending more time with my grandchildren, after all there are already 7 of them and I’m sure more to come. It has been an absolute pleasure to be part of the fishing community here in Crowborough. I have met some wonderful people who I hope will continue to be fishing buddies and friends well in to the future.

The shop has been such a big part of my life and there have been lots of laughs and some sadness along the way. Some of the youngsters that came in when I first opened, now have their own children and some of the older community have sadly passed away. It has been an experience I will never forget and I will certainly miss seeing you all on a regular basis. We have become our own community over the years and shared each other’s highs and lows.

All the suppliers and reps of the various companies have all been very supportive of small business and have been a pleasure to work with.

The fishing clubs, especially Crowborough & District Anglers, have been amazing. Some of their committee have been with me from the start and were my very first customers. A huge thank you to you all.

I couldn’t have manged this last 2 years or so without the amazing support of Jerry Morgan. He has been a great source of help to me and always has a listening ear when I have needed one.

Please support Jed, as you have all supported me. You have made it a pleasure to come to work (if you can call it work!) and I know lots of you will be happy that there is still going to be a tackle shop here well in to the future. I may bump in to you on the other side of the counter as Jed will be my first port of call of course for my own tackle and bait.

Leaving party day to be announced, chocolate is always the perfect gift!!!! Fancy dress is optional.


Thank you so much, from Sandra

March 2019 Newsletter

Dear Member,

Welcome to the March 2019 newsletter. 2018 was a very busy year for the committee and lots of improvements have been made to the waters we manage with thanks to the many volunteers who give up their time to carry out this work and enable us all to enjoy pleasurable waters to fish.

We have recently added Claygate Lakes in Marden to our portfolio, if you have yet to fish it please do so as it is a lovely set of lakes and all the details are in your handbook and on the club website.


The AGM is on Tuesday 23rd April 2019 at the Crowborough Social Club commencing at 7.30pm so please be there on time so you do not miss any news. There will be prize giving for the annual awards, free buffet, speeches (we promise they will be kept as short as possible), a raffle and a chance to catch up with people you may not see all the time. The special guest this year is Carl Rasey who is an EA Bailiff and will give us an insight into the work they do.

Membership Renewal Form

Yes it's that time of year again so please see the reverse of this newsletter for your membership renewal form, or you can renew via our website.

Tight Lines Board Game

One of our  club members, committee member Lyndsay Black, has been involved in devising an exciting new fishing board game for which an image and is shown here and there is a competition you can enter, please see the enclosed information.


Crowborough Tackle

Finally just a note to say that Sandra will be opening the shop for the normal hours (Tue - Sat 9am to 5:30pm) as of 1st March, so no more half days for her!

I look forward to seeing you all at the AGM.

John Butler
Honorary Secretary


December 2018 Newsletter

Dear Member,

Welcome to the December 2018 newsletter. Winter is upon us and I hope everyone is gearing up for a splendid festive season and hopefully some good winter catches. Its been a very busy year for the committee and the work does not stop just because its Christmas, but I think we can take it a little easy for a few weeks and get ready for 2019.

The recent race night went incredibly well and thank you to all the members and their guests who attended and made it such a successful night. I would like to say a massive thank you to Pete Gotts and Roy Williamson for their amazing efforts getting this event staged and running so smoothly. The list of others to say thank you to is a long one so I will simply say thank you to you all for your assistance and for giving up your time to ensure everyone had a great night. It is hugely appreciated.

Lots of people do lots of good work for the club throughout the year but I am mentioning in particular Roger Funnell for his sterling work making sure the match season runs as smoothly as it can so well done Roger as I know how popular the matches are and well attended.

Club Waters News

We are very fortunate to have such a varied portfolio which was added to early this year when we gained the sole rights to Oast Farm at Buxted. But as usual the Committee have not sat back on their laurels and, with thanks to Roger Funnell for securing this, we can announce that as from January 2nd 2019 our members can fish the two match lakes at Claygate Lakes Marden for free if using one rod or pole (£2 charge if you wish to use a second), if you wish to fish the specimen lake you will get a £2 discount on any ticket purchased but this must be booked in advance with the fishery. They also suggest that if you wish to fish the match lakes during a weekend you phone before travelling to make sure pegs are available as they do hold a lot of matches at this venue. The contact number is 07770 513448 and if you want more details see the fishery website at

Message from the Chairman

Recently our life vice president Dave Park was kind enough to provide funds to purchase a 4 meter extended branch cutter which will prove invaluable to working parties for clearance of unwanted vegetation and improve fishing conditions for us all. thank you Dave.

it is proposed to start a " thank you " list on our website acknowledging and recording such donations. if you would like to appear on this proposed list we would be pleased to hear from you, currently we are in urgent need of, a boat, a ride on mower, a quad bike and a JCB, but seriously if you have a piece of equipment which you feel would be of assistance to working parties or would wish to donate funds to purchase equipment do contact our water management officer Dave Cottington on 01892 653367.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year and lots of record specimen fish for you all in 2019.

John Butler
Honorary Secretary


I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and New Year.

Many thanks for all your support throughout the year, it has been a strange one, with a mix of the “beast from the east” and then a tropical summer. It has honestly been a challenging year both professionally and personally, but I hope to spend more time on the bank in 2019, as we probably all do. I would like to thank Jerry, as yet again he has been a great support to me and the shop all year.

Don’t forget that gift vouchers are available in store or you can buy them over the phone and we will post them out to you free of charge.

Everyone supporting the shop and me is genuinely appreciated, and I hope to see you all again soon. Don’t forget, the kettle is always on, so call in any time. Christmas opening hours as follows, please be aware that hours may cut down through January and February which I will endeavour to let you know as soon as possible. (It’s a long day hugging the heater through Jan and Feb now that I am an old granny!)

Saturday 22nd December 9-5

Closed until –

Thursday and Friday 27th and 28th December 9-1

Saturday 29th December 9-3

Closed until -

Wednesday to Friday 2nd, 3rd, 4th Jan 9-1

Saturday 5th January 9-3

Onward is yet to be determined – may be half days through the rest of January

Thanks everyone – hope to see you soon, from Sandra

September 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to the September 2018 newsletter. Autumn is nearly on us and it's been a very hot dry summer, you will have noticed that several of our waters have been suffering quite low water levels but we have been fortunate in that we have suffered no fish losses unlike some clubs with waters around our area.


All our waters appear to have continued to fish well despite the high temperatures and low water levels which is good news and we would love to hear from more of you about how well (or not) your fishing is going. Remember we do not know if anything is wrong unless you let us know as we cannot be everywhere all of the time. You can contact us via the website, Facebook, Twitter or the good old fashioned telephone.

There is always work to be done at our waters to improve them and we are currently looking to improve access to Oast Farm lake for the less able. Once we have the costings we will decide whether to apply for a grant or fund it ourselves. If you would like to help with ongoing maintenance or a one off project then read on.


Hopefully you will remember from our June newsletter that we were planning a works schedule based on set days/evenings each month. This has now been completed and will hopefully be approved at the September committee meeting and then it will be emailed out to all those who have expressed a wish to help and will also be put on the club website and Facebook page. Each of our club waters has a Bailiff who keeps an eye on "their" water and lets the Committee know of any problems or work that requires doing and we currently have two waters that are in need of a new Bailiff. These are Mill House Farm lake in Maresfield and Oast Farm lake in Buxted and your involvement would include the grass cutting, it doesn't have to be kept to bowles green standard as approx once a month will do, and the club has strimmers (including a wheeled one) which you can use including petrol so you wouldn't be expected to use your own. The owners of both these waters are very friendly and we have very good relations with them which you would be required to continue to build on. If you might be interested then contact us and we can let you know exactly what is involved before you decide.


We have recently noticed an increase in the number of wet wipes that are being disposed of in both of the toilets at Scaland Wood and Underhill, unfortunately these toilets work by composting the waste and wet wipes do not break down in the same way as normal toilet tissue meaning we are having to empty these toilets out more often than we should. We have also had a problem with the toilet at Pennybridge with the flushing system becoming blocked by toilet tissue/wet wipes so we would ask that you only use the toilet tissue supplied here as this is designed to work in this toilet unlike normal toilet tissue and wet wipes.
While on this subject it has been brought to our attention that anglers (not CDAA members) have been seen urinating into a reservoir water that we have access to. This has resulted in one angler being banned from this water with possible legal proceedings being considered by Southern Water. Can we ask that you are discreet when urinating, if there are no toilet facilities available, and do not urinate directly into any of our waters please.


Thank you to everyone who has supported the Crowborough Tackle shop so far this year. Thanks also to Jerry for working alongside me. He has a lot of angling knowledge and is always happy to pass it on. We have battled through the awful spring (beast from the east etc) and the really hot spell. Now the weather seems absolutely spot on for some decent time on the bank.
There has been quite a lot of new stock coming in this year, so please feel free to come in and browse at your leisure. There is usually time for a natter and a cup of tea. Don’t forget to contact me if you would like something I don’t normally stock, and I will try and get it for you. Also, I will try and match or get close to some of the internet prices on larger items, I don’t bite …………so just give me a call. Thanks, Sandra


If you have a friend or relative who you think might enjoy fishing our waters  then let them know that from the last week of September they can join us for half price, and as you are aware many of our waters continue to fish well throughout the autumn and winter.


We are still getting  enquiries as to where the gate code has disappeared to, as they used to be on the individual waters pages. It is now on the front cover of your handbook and to the left of the club logo.

 I refuse to use the "C" word this early in the year, unlike a few of my FB friends who insist on letting me know it's only X number of days/sleeps away, but our next newsletter will be out in early December to update you on what has been going on during the autumn so if you catch a good fish (don't forget to check the website for up to date known best's and current specimen trophy entries) or have something funny or strange happen on a fishing trip then let us know and maybe we'll include it. And remember just because the weather isn't so pleasant you don't have to stop fishing, just plan shorter sessions.

John Butler
Honorary Secretary

June 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to the June 2018 newsletter. It continues to be a busy year for the committee and volunteers working hard on running the club and carrying out works at the various venues and our waters are the envy of many a club as a result of this.


There are lots of reports of good fishing coming in from most of the clubs waters. I can personally vouch for Underhill where the Tench are very happy to be caught in this early stage of the season and also Wirgol where lots of the swims on Wirgol II have been cleared and made accessible and the hill really is not as bad as some might think. Lots of Carp and quality Roach showing their faces. The Roach appear to love Robin Red 4mm & 8mm pellets which of course Sandra at Crowborough Tackle stocks.

Work continues at Scaland Wood to improve the pegs with the ones along the back bank now being levelled ready for some wood chippings, the brickwork on the outlet at Oast Farm has been repaired and new boards will be inserted very soon which should mean the water level will be raised by about 6 inches. Danesfield Wood has had its annual tidy up including some weed clearance, but there is still some work to do here and if you are interested in helping with any of this work in the future read on.


For the last two years we have developed a schedule for the work that requires doing at our lakes on a regular basis. This has worked reasonably well but with quite short notice of each session many people have already made arrangements and so have been unable to attend so we have now decided to take this forward by scheduling working parties on set days of each month. We hope this will encourage more members to participate and so spread the workload.

We are planning on doing work parties on the following days, first Tuesday morning, second Thursday evening (May to September only, due to the lack of daylight hours) and the third Sunday morning, of each month. We hope that by the next newsletter, in September, we will have allocated  a water to each of these sessions and the full schedule will be posted on both Facebook and the working party page of the club website.

Until September the work parties will remain ad-hoc and will be posted on Facebook and emailed to anyone who has already agreed to go on our working party email list. If you would like to be added to this list then please contact us via or call our Hon. Secretary John Butler on 01273 586240, the more help we get the easier the workload will become.


We have had a few enquiries as to where the gate codes have disappeared to, as they used to be on the individual waters pages. It is now on the front cover of your handbook and to the left of the club logo.


Oast Farm Lake at Buxted will be closed on 22nd July 2018 for a match that is not listed in the handbook or on our website.


Firstly if you have already renewed your club membership thank you (and apologies as it means you may have received this email twice), but if you have not now is the time to do it.

The reason for this is that you will no doubt have heard about the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation 2018) which replaced the old Data Protection Act on May 25th 2018. Due to this new regulation we have to inform everyone whose details we hold electronically that, if you have not renewed your membership by July 31st 2018 you will be removed from our email list meaning you will not receive any further newsletters or other information we send out to members. Your details that we hold electronically in relation to your lapsed membership will be held on the club database until March 31st 2019 unless you instruct us to remove them prior to this.

If you are a current member we would like to remind you that under the new regulation you can request that your details are removed from the clubs electronic database at any time during your membership, and you can do this by contacting either the Hon. Secretary or Hon. Membership Secretary. Details of how to contact these persons can be found on the front of your club handbook and on our website.

We would also like to remind you that any electronic data we store is only for use by the CDAA Committee and then only for accounting purposes, analysis and recording of our membership. This information is never passed on to any company or individual and is only the information you have provided on the membership application form which you completed when joining or renewing.

If you have any news such as good catches, weights, unusual catches (I had a 2.5lb brown trout out of Underhill 2 or 3 years ago), suggestions on potential new waters for the club to look into or anything that you feel may be relevant to your club, please do let me or any other committee member know.

 John Butler
Honorary Secretary

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