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Mill House Farm

(Near to Uckfield)

This water first caught the eye of a Committee member while out dog walking in September 2012. It was finally opened to the members in August 2015. During the intervening period the water was transformed under the guidance of project leader Dave Flint. Several trees were removed from the water. Areas of inaccessible bankside were transformed and new swims were established. The water quality was tested, the lilies were thinned out and the stock was assessed. We believe it is a water with an interesting shape and plenty of different swims that will suit different styles of angling.
The access to this water was greatly improved in 2017 with a hard road now going all the way from the entrance to the car park and some new gates, there is also now a hard path from the car park almost to the waters edge. 

We hope to make further improvements over time.

The bridge was rebuilt in June 2019 and is safe to use, meaning access to the far banks is much easier

for all our members.

We would like to thank the Crowborough Branch of Parker Building Supplies Ltd who supplied the materials needed

at a very generous discount.

This water is open all year except for the following dates:


Please note this water will be closed until 2pm on the following dates during the 2023-24 season
7th & 21st October - 4th & 18th November - 2nd & 16th & 26th December - 1st & 13th & 27th January

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