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This portfolio of waters has been collected partly by our good reputation. Please obey Club Rules as listed in your handbook and on this website. Treat your fellow members with politeness and respect. This book allows members to walk across riparian owners’ land for fishing, or associated activities.


  • Use barbless or microbarb hooks.

  • Carry your current rod licence and completed Club handbook.
    (Anglers are required, on request, to produce their permit and rod license to a club appointed Bailiff)

  • Take your litter home with you.

  • All nets are to be bone dry or air-dried, preferably in bright sunlight.

  • It is recommended that members who are specimen fishing, use an unhooking mat to minimise fish damage and stress. Please take care and respect all fish while they are out of the water.

  • Extreme caution should be taken when fishing in the vicinity of overhead power lines.

  • Be aware of the risk of Weil’s disease (Leptospirosis) it is a bacterial infection  carried in rats’ urine, which contaminates water and the banks of lakes, rivers and ponds. It is a serious disease in human beings that requires hospital treatment. The early symptoms are similar to those of flu and normally start 3 to 19 days after exposure to contaminated water. Every year people die from this disease, which is unnecessary because it is easily treated if diagnosed in time.


We are always on the lookout for new waters so please contact us if you know of a water that may be of interest to us. 


If you would like to discuss anything about one, or more, of our waters please feel free to contact us via the details at the bottom of this page or our Water Management Officer, Daniel Taylor on 07962 236697.

There are details of the individual water contacts in your handbook.

      If you spot any illegal activity (fishing during close season, removal of fish etc.) please contact the Police & quote the Police Code 116/11.

You can also contact the Environment Agency on 0800 807060.

And please do realise that if you don't report it then it didn't happen as far as the club is concerned so even if you do not want to contact the Police or EA do contact us so we can then decide what we want to do about it.

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