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Club Rules

1 - Members must comply with the following requirements at all times and failure to observe these conditions,                    misbehaviour of any kind, or failure to observe any special rules will render the member liable to disciplinary action        by the EC which may include suspension of membership or dismissal from membership of the Club.

2 - All members fishing Club waters must be in possession of a valid Environment Agency Rod Licence and current Club        Handbook (and / or an applicable Guest Membership, Day Membership, Overnight Ticket) at all times. All relevant          Environment Agency by-laws will be observed on Club waters. Anglers are required, on request, to produce their            permit and rod license to a club appointed Bailiff.

3 - When estuary fishing for Bass and Mullet using coarse fishing tackle and baits, members are recommended to hold          an Environment Agency Rod licence.

4 - Members are reminded that lost or mislaid handbooks can be replaced but only at the discretion of the Executive            Committee and at an appropriate fee.

5 - No litter of any kind (including unused bait, drinks containers, cigarette ends, discarded tackle and anything else that      could contaminate the environment) must be left behind on any water. All members are to be responsible for any            litter found within 15 feet (3.8m) of all sides of their fishing position, whether the litter was left by them or not.

6 - All firearms, air guns and projectile firing implements are banned with the exception of catapults specifically being          used for angling purposes.

7 - No fires are permitted, except on official working parties.

8 - On inland outings and all Club waters members must travel close to the river or lake or by well-defined paths, and          not interfere with or damage growing crops, and not interfere with or injure livestock.

9 - All gates must be closed and padlocks to be scrambled after entering and exiting the venue. No damage to be done        to fences or hedges.

10 - No dogs are allowed unless kept on non-extendable leads of a maximum of 2m (6 feet) in length
      (see special rules for fishing particular waters).

11 - No portable sound systems other than those with headphones are permitted. Televisions are not permitted.

12 - All nets to be bone dry or air-dried, preferably in bright sunlight.

13 - Members must only use barbless hooks or microbarb hooks when fishing Club waters.

14 - Night fishing at certain lakes, to be specified from time to time by the EC on the advice of the Water Management          Team, will be controlled by the issuance of an overnight fishing permit, which must be obtained prior to fishing.

15 - The use of lead weights between the sizes of 0.06 grams and 28.35 grams (size 6 shot to 1oz weights inclusive) is          banned on all waters.

16 - (a) No prebaiting of any kind is allowed on any of the Association’s waters.

       (b) No live baiting is allowed on any of the Associations waters.
      (c) The loose feeding of boilies is banned on all the Association’s waters. Only boilies as hook baits or used in                     conjunction with PVA string is allowed.
      (d) All unused hookbait and groundbait must be taken away from Club waters and not thrown into the fishery.

17 - Members are only permitted to attend Club waters for the purpose of fishing, fisheries management and angling              related functions.

18 - The removal of all fish other than trout over 10in (25cm) (where there is a limit of two per day) is banned on all              Club waters.

19 - We strongly advocate that overtly gravid fish or those caught, which are actually running eggs or milt, are                     immediately returned to the water.

20 - Anglers should avoid holding excessive numbers of fish in their keepnet.

21 - Ulcerated fish should be returned to the water immediately, as ulcers heal.

22 - No gaffs are to be used in freshwater fishing at any time.

23 - The EC recommend that specialist anglers use unhooking mats at all time, when specimen fishing.

24 - In the event of a member finding another member / guest / day / overnight ticket holder, fishing contrary to Club            rules and regulations, their name and address and where appropriate, membership book should be examined and          the incident reported as soon as possible to an Officer or Executive Committee member. In no circumstances should        a member force or threaten force in attempting to resolve a breaching of Club rule / regulations type situation.

25 - The maximum number of rods to be used at any one time on Club waters is two, with the exception of Gabriels,              More House Farm and Claygate Fisheries where only one rod is permitted unless the member has purchased a                ticket to use an additional rod. The butts of rods must be no further apart than six feet (2 metres) and should under        no circumstances be left unattended.

26 - No cutting or breaking of branches or other vegetation is to be carried out, other than on an official working party.

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