We are an open Club and do not have a membership limit.
You can join online by clicking here.


Alternatively you can print off the application form and post your cheque with the application form

to our Membership Secretary by clicking here.
Finally, you can walk into Crowborough Tackle, Crowborough Shoe Repairs or Hooked on Green (Uckfield)

and join over the counter (using cheque or cash only).


Computerised records are used to store members name, address & contact details.

These records are held by the Hon. Membership Secretary and are used for contact purposes only and will not be made available to anyone outside of the Association Committee.

Under the Act, a person has the right to object to their details being held on computer at any time during their membership. In such an event, the entry will be deleted and the details kept on a manually recorded system. Please contact the Hon. Membership Secretary in this event.

Should you choose not to renew your membership all your data will be deleted within 13 months of your renewal date.

(You may receive emails from the Club while we hold your details).

 Membership rates:

All memberships last until March 31st in the year after purchase
(with the exception of Day Memberships)

From October 1st each year we offer half price (the prices below are the current full price) and from January 1st we offer 3 months free options on the below memberships. These will usually be available up to 2 weeks prior to their respective start dates.

(Bough Beech Reservoir "add-on" and Day Memberships are not included in these offers)


If you use our online membership option you will note the prices are £2 higher than those below, this is to cover postage and packing etc.

(Day tickets are exempt from this additional charge as they are emailed to the purchaser)

Adult  -  £48.00

Junior (12-18)  -  £21.00

Under 12's  -  Free
Under 12 members must be accompanied when fishing by either a fully paid up CDAA Adult member
or a non fishing adult who is capable of assisting if required.

Senior Citizen  -  £35.00

Student (18-21) -  £35.00

Disabled Person  -  £35.00

Married, Civil Partnerships & Co-habiting  -  £70.00

Senior Citizen Married, Civil Partnerships & Co-habiting  -  £53.00

Bough Beech Reservoir "add-on"  -  £16.00

With the exception of Juniors & Under 12's, all new members are required to pay a £5 joining fee

Day Memberships  -  £6.00/£4.00
(These are only valid for Pennybridge/Scaland Wood/Underhill/Oast Farm)