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More House Farm

(Wivelsfield Green)

The Club acquired this three water complex in the Spring of 2016. All members should read the rules and regulations for this water here , before they pay these waters a visit. Each water has a unique personality and offers something different to the other two.

There is a £4 charge per session here which must be paid prior to commencing fishing.

The lakes here are open all year subject to fish spawning.

Canal Lake


Canal Lake is 15m wide and home to 20 purpose made swims with depths ranging from 4 1/2 - 6 feet. In the summer rushes and lilies are present. It's popular with match anglers, but will also give the pleasure angler a good day out.

The lake was built in 2007.

Sidewinder Lake

Sidewinder was created after two lakes were joined together. It snakes its' way around and contains 50 swims as well as two large islands. It's irregular shape creates plenty of variety for the angler. Depths range from 5-6 feet and the width of the lake ranges from 8-16 metres.

Kingfisher Lake

Kingfisher Lake was built in 1980 and stocked a couple of years later. In 2006 the lake was cleaned out and the water improved. It has 14 swims and depths of 2-8 feet. It's home to all the big boys and girls at More House Farm Fishery and is a specialist water.
This lake is no longer part of our portfolio and therefore fish caught no longer count towards known bests or any club trophies, with the exception of the Fish of the Year Trophy.

The lake can be fished by contacting the fishery, details are in your handbook.

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