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(Near Hadlow Down)

When the club first gained the opportunity to fish this water it was little more than the iron age work hole from where it gained its' name. Under the leadership of the then Water Management Officer Henry Russell the lower Wirgol I was opened in 1985. A year later and after much work by Henry and his merry band the upper Wirgol II was opened. Members from the 1990's will remember that each summer a bale of barley straw would be seen floating around as it helped to remedy the problems caused by algal blooms.

In 2005 the dam on Wirgol I was reconstructed, which also helped increase the volume of water. 

Both waters have always been popular with Carp anglers although there are many other treasures swimming around beneath the surface.

This water is closed between March 15th and May 31st inclusive.

Wirgol 1 (Lower Pond)

Wirgol 11 (Upper Pond)

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