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Claygate Lakes - Marden

The club secured the rights to fish here as of the 2nd January 2019.

Our agreement for this water has changed slightly so to fish these waters from the start of the 2023-24 season you must have joined CDAA during the previous season and you may only fish here a maximum of five times during the season, after that you will have to pay full day ticket prices.
If you are a new member and wish to fish here you will have to pay the full day ticket price.
CDAA members can fish the two match lakes (Sophie & Eva) with a single pole or rod as part of their membership,

if you wish to use a second rod there is a £2 charge.
The fishery advise that you contact them before travelling to fish on a weekend, including bank holidays, as they hold a lot of matches at the venue and there may not be any pegs available.
To fish the specimen lake (Amy) you MUST prebook with the fishery who will apply a £2 discount to any ticket you purchase, provided you make them aware that you are a CDAA member.
The fishery contact number is 07770 513448 and their website is where you can find more details of this great venue.

This water is open all year but may be subject to closure due to fish spawning.

Lake Sophie

Lake Eva

Lake Amy

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