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At CDAA we have Buddies available for those who are new to angling and would like to learn the basics, want to improve their skills or just want a Buddie to fish with. These sessions are free and can be held at any time of the year, if you don’t mind getting a suntan or caught under a raincloud neither do we. Just click on the image below to email our Chief Buddie, Dave, and he will arrange a session as soon as he can that is convenient for you and one of our Buddies.

Alternatively, you can come along to one of our Have a go Days where several Buddies will be assisting and you can then arrange a one to one session with them while there.


If you would like to volunteer to become a Buddie then click on the image to email Dave giving him a few details about yourself and he’ll get back to you to advise on what is required of you.

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