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Bough Beech Reservoir - "add on"

This item can only be purchased with a regular membership and does not entitle the purchaser to fish for Carp or Pike by intent. If you wish to fish for these species you need to apply directly to Bough Beech to join one of their syndicates. Please note that the Bough Beech season runs from April 1st to March 31st so if you purchase this item with an "Up to 3 month free" membership your Bough Beech ticket will not be valid until April 1st and will be sent to you as soon as we receive them. 

Bough Beech Reservoir - "add on"

  • Your membership handbook will be posted out to you as soon as possible and you should receive it within 7 days. Should you wish to go fishing before receiving it, or it has not arrived within 7 days, please contact us at for the details that you will require.

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